Wine Tasting

Quinta do Sanguinhal Vineyard Tour Quinta do Sanguinal External_C

Praia del Rey is located in the heart of one of the country’s oldest wine regions, the origin of which goes back to the foundation of the Portuguese nation. The Cistercian monks introduced wine growing and developed intensive agricultural activity which has expanded and flourished up to the present day. Nowadays, the region covers around 8,000 hectares producing approximately 60 million litres of wine per year. So with all this wine to choose from, a visit to the local vineyard is a must.

Set in beautiful surroundings, the Portuguese-style family house is located less than 25km from the resort. Quinta do Sanguinhal with its beautiful French gardens and refurbished old cellars is a joy to visit.

Travelling through 100 years of Portuguese wine making, the wine tasting program offers two options:


  1. 1h:30m visit with wine tasting. 2 white wines, 1 rose wine, 3 red wines, 1 fortified wine, crackers, regional cheese and traditional sweets. No minimum participants
  2. 1h:30m visit with wine tasting, same as described above and a meal served as a buffet with all the wines from the wine tasting available. Minimum number of 20 participants

Booking is essential. The tour can be arranged in Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish. Ana is fourth generation of the family and is a very good host and tour guide.The cost is less than €20 per person and wine can be purchased also after the tour. The prices tend to be no cheaper than supermarkets prices, even with the 10% discount they offer, but somehow tastes better to most!